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Snickers & Shadow's Litter 2007

ShadowMiniature Schnauzer - Black & Silver - Shadow

This is our Black & Silver Miniature Schnauzer stud.  Shadow is very quiet, and behaves really well.

He has a calm and sweet temperament.

He has completed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program!


Scroll down to view baby pictures!!  This is a large litter of 7 for Miniature Schnauzers.  Their group picture is at the bottom of this page.  They will be available for your home on 8-21-07  Enjoy!!

All of the babies have been placed.


Congratulations Jane, Claude, Thomas, and Kristin of Zionsville, IN

"Mr. Bailey", 5 weeks old - Born 6-26-07

Schnauzer puppy

This little boy is very Salt & Peppery and will have the "true grey" body coloring. 

He has his parents' laid back and sweet temperament.  Such a calm but playful personality!

He loves to be held in any position just as long as you're holding him. 

This little guy will be following you everywhere!




Congratulations Jason of Gambier, OH

"Bailey", 5 weeks old - Born 6-26-07

Miniature Schnauzer Boy Puppy

Buddy  is now called "Bailey" and is a tiny bit bigger than his brother but neither is the biggest puppy in the litter.


Buddy is a "very dark" Salt & Pepper.  His coloring as an adult will be very striking. 


He's outgoing, friendly and wants everyone's attention.  He's not satisfied until he's included in everything that's going on!  A really sweet boy.




Congratulations Grace of Cleveland, OH

"Honey", 5 weeks old - Born 6-26-07

Schnauzer puppy - Little Missy

This little girl is the leader of the pack but not bossy.


Missy  is now called "Honey" and will be a Salt & Pepper but is marked like a Black & Silver, like her daddy.  Missy will be very showy with her pretty coloring!


She is very outgoing and the first to come up to me.  I think my son has spoiled her a little too.





Congratulations Bonnie of Columbus, OH

"Sidney" 5 weeks old - Born 6-26-07

Schnauzer Puppy Girl - AbbeyAbbey is now called "Sidney" and is just a little smaller than the other girls but there are no runts in this litter as we supplement our litters to prevent this. 

She has a really sweet temperament but holds her own ground with the other puppies. 

Abbey should be a "very dark" Salt & Pepper and her white markings are just starting to come through.  Her color will be very striking!



Congratulations Ed & Jeanne of Howell, MI

"Delilah" 5 weeks old - Born 6-26-07

Schnauzer puppies

Maggie is now called "Delilah" and is very inquisitive and loves to check things out.  She loves to be held and talked to.  Maggie does the Schnauzer talk back to you also!

Delilah will be a really dark Salt & Pepper and her white is just now starting to come through.  She will definitely turn heads

Delilah has beautiful conformation and a sweet temperament!




Congratulations Laurie & Ron of Macedonia, OH

"Moxie" 5 weeks old - Born 6-26-07

Schnauzer puppy

Annie is now called Moxie" and is the baby of the group and the darkest puppy.

Annie is very lady like and has a nice calm temperament.

Even though it's hard to imagine because she is so dark, Annie's coloring will be very beautiful as an adult. 

This color should be a "charcoal grey" with striking white markings where they should be.  This puppy will really turn heads once she matures.


Congratulations Kathy & Dan of Pittsburgh, PA

"Sadie", 5 weeks old - Born 6-26-07

Schnauzer Puppy Girl - Sophie

This little girl is so laid back and just wants to please you.  She is quiet, calm, and playful. 

Sophie is now called "Sadie" and also talks to you and does the Schnauzer talk ; )

Sophie has beautiful conformation and will be a very striking Salt & Pepper!

You can put this little girl in just about any position and she is perfectly happy.  She loves to follow you around. 

Sophie loves to have her picture taken too.


Group Hug!!!

Miniature Schnauzer Puppies - Snickers Litter







These babies were just plain tired after taking their pictures!

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